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Cesefor Foundation

We contribute to the integral development of the forestry sector by promoting sustainability, innovation and research in all areas of production, with a commitment to the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity

Who we are

We are convinced of the key role of the forestry sector in the new bio-economy and circular economy strategies, in which our contribution to the integral development of this sector and all its value chains fits perfectly. We at Cesefor promote sustainability, innovation and research in all the productive areas of the forestry sector.

Our objectives

  • Improve the management and use of forest resource.
  • Improve the competitiveness and development of our industrial fabric.
  • Increase the degree of sustainable industrialisation of our forest products.
  • Be the service centre where the forestry sector and its industry go to analyse and implement measures that contribute to their development.
  • To promote the creation of quality employment in the rural environment.
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Board of trustees

Cesefor is governed by a board of trustees in which all agents of the sector and the rural environment are represented, from the landowners to the most representative business organisations. The Region of Castilla y León is our main partner. It has promoted and sponsored our implementation and has maintained its support to what we do in the interest of the forestry sector.

Since January 2018, the board of trustees of the Cesefor Foundation is made up of representatives from the following institutions:

At the meetings of our board of trustees there are also the Ministry of Development and Environment of the Region Castilla y León, through the Directorate General of Natural Heritage and Forestry Policy, and the Institute of Business Competitiveness of the Region Castilla y León (ICE), providing strategic support to the activities carried out by Cesefor.

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How we work

At Cesefor we support the forestry and rural environment through companies, administrations and other public or private bodies. We have seven main lines of work, for which we develop different projects, managing them according to their specific needs.

As well as contributing to the sustainable development of the forestry sector and improving the competitiveness of the companies that have trust in us, we have also worked closely with leading organisations in the sector such as universities, technology centres, professional associations and business organisations. Together with them, we have developed interesting and fruitful initiatives.

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Our team and organization

Cesefor is made up of a group of professionals with a wide and varied training, whose individual and collective experiences have made it possible to bring together a highly multidisciplinary team, both in terms of academic training and professional careers.

Cesefor is organized in different working areas: